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High pressure hydraulic hose factory inspection

As high pressure hydraulic hoses are widely used in various industries, minerals and petroleum industries, the safety and quality of hoses must be subject to strict product inspection and control. The products produced by the company are strictly inspected before leaving the factory. The following are the inspection procedures of our company:
1. The scope of application of high pressure hydraulic hoses. Including the scope of application of wire braided hose inspection and application of wire wound braid hose. The process is strictly in accordance with the high pressure hydraulic hose inspection procedures promulgated by the State.
2. High pressure hydraulic hose leak test. With the pressure test as the specified pressure, the sample was tested on the bench for three times. The test duration was one minute. As a result, the high pressure hydraulic hose had no leakage and no damage.
3. High pressure hydraulic hose length change test. The length of the sample is marked, like the pressure in the hose to the applied working pressure, held for 30 seconds, then depressurized. Then observe the length of the product mark.

In the course of the experiment, we always have professionals to observe and record the accuracy and authenticity of the data. We have copies of various types of test reports, and the notes of the inspectors must be clear and legible.


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